I am currently at the tip of loosing my mind. I have postponed so many things, and it’s all finally catching up to me. Besides all the things I have yet to do, there are just more and more things flowing in that have required deadlines. At this point I just want to throw it all in a corner and go to sleep for a few weeks. Then again that is probably why I am in this mess in the first place.

As the usual quote goes: Stressed, depressed and not even well dressed.

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But first, let me take a selfie

Easter break has finally arrived and what better way to initiate that than a girls night out. The pre party was at  a friends house, where we all got ready and well pre partied. Since some of us were already done and ready to go, we killed some time by taking a lot of photos, hence the title. Later on, we headed downtown to the clubs and bars. I have to say it was a well needed and deserved girls night out.

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Doing a thing and it’s making me twitch

I’ve started making a list of 101 things to do before 1001 days, and one of the things on my list was; No TV (TV shows or movies) and no tumblr for a month. These are my escape mechanisms, and my major source of procrastination. Therefore I saw it fit, that I’d remove them for a month and see what I could accomplish or how insane it would drive me.

I started on April 1st and have now been without them for three days. Which for me is rather strange but at the same time not noticeable, because I have so much going on in school that I cannot do anything but sleep and study once I get home. I have found myself typing in “t” in the search bar and going to the log in page by sheer reflex, which is bad. Although I did log on once just for a second to see if I had received an inbox from someone about a dress, which I hadn’t. And I am quite convinced that I won’t, so there won’t be a need to do that again.

I am excited to see how my view on this challenge will be during my break and even once it’s done. Whether I regret it or if I finally stop using tumblr so frequently, and also if I’ll manage to stop watching a massive amount of TV shows.

And I might even have time to upload the pictures from January – February, and maybe even write a little something about how my 18th birthday went.



Prom is only a few months away, and I have yet to find the perfect dress. After looking through pages and pages of dresses, having your friends vote on various options, and still coming up empty handed. I am now quite frankly beat and can not for the love of me bother to look at anymore dresses. So I decided to sketch something of my own liking and it turned out to be a mixture of these dresses. I am now quite infatuated by a dress that does not exist, and that takes me back to square one. The process towards prom seems to be my infinite struggle, I would more than anything like to hit the pause button on everything until I have found myself a dress.


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The prom dress struggle



I’m ready to run away


Hold your breath

We are told that the most important thing for ourselves is to get a good night’s sleep, to have a well-rested body and mind. But we get yelled at for not having perfect grades and flawless marks. And it is frowned upon if your social life is not met by societies’ high standards. It’s a lose-lose situation, whereas most teenagers decided to neglecting their own needs in order to make the people around them happy.

During a 24 hour day there is only so much you can fit in without burning yourself out and risking a mental breakdown. But instead of decreasing the workload and easing up on the things that causes the stress, it gets amplified. We get blamed for not managing to juggle all the things in our lives without prioritizing one over the other. And as the world develops and the knowledge grows, so does the expectations and workload we get handed, but not our capability of handling it all at once.

When we do not match up to these standards that have been made for us, we get pressured from everyone and everything around us. And we have this constant stress factor that builds up to anxiety and fear of failure. And it intensifies as the pressure you’ve put on yourself does, causing a lot of teenagers, and people in general to have high anxiety levels. And it is believed that psychiatric patients during the 1950’s had the same anxiety levels as today’s teenagers have.

A police officer in Essex was diagnosed with dissociative amnesia after suffering from a mental breakdown. His breaking point occurred after witnessing the aftermath of a teenager’s suicide. The high anxiety, stress and trauma he had been put through cost him his memories. Every 48th hour his memory is wiped clean, and he can’t remember neither his wife nor daughter.
Dissociative amnesia causes the person to be unable to remember important personal information, and the degree of memory loss goes beyond normal forgetfulness and includes gaps in memory for long periods of time or of memories involving the traumatic event.

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It is not possible nor necessary to please everyone, and the only one that actually matters is oneself, and that just has to suffice at some point. 


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