NOTE: This was a story I wrote as an English assignment, and I’ll try to finish it, or at least try to continue the story. But for now, this is all I can give you. And let me know what you think of it! 

Cassie was sitting on a cold bed looking at the branches of the naked trees as they whipped at the ground, watching as the raindrops splattered onto the glass window. She was fully concentrated on the sound of the rain when the small noise of someone’s movement caught her ear. She snapped out of her thoughts and turned around in the little bed to face whoever was coming towards her.

An all too familiar face stood in front of her but she could not make out who it was. A tall girl with golden brown locks that hung just above the waist. The girl could not have been much older than Cassie, 19 tops. Her hazel eyes fixed on Cassie’s ice blue eyes. Cassie could sense a bit of sadness in those hazel eyes.

“Hi, I’m Riley” the girl said as she extended her hand for Cassie to shake, she then proceeded to sit down on the chair beside the bed. The two girls talked for a while, but their conversation mostly consisted of awkward silences, and the few words that did leave their mouths were very guarded. As their conversation came to an end the brown-haired girl stood up and started to walk towards the door. She turned around as she opened the door “See you later Sassy!” she said and a few tear drops escaped from the corner of her eyes, which gained a confused look from Cassie. She kept her eyes on the door as it shut behind the girl. She did not quite understand why, but it felt like she had missed that girl, and that there was something she was hiding.

A few moments alone with her thoughts was all she got, as a man in his mid-thirties walked through the door, wearing a long white coat, glancing through the papers on his clipboard, that he held in his right hand. He had his glasses on the tip of his nose, and as he looked up at Cassie, he pushed them up between his eyes. Behind him stood an arrogant old man in his late-forties, who was dressed in a navy blue uniform. He was quite short, but his muscles made him look big and scary, and the gun he had on the left side of his belt did not make him look any friendlier. The man dressed in white walked towards Cassie, and pulled out a small flashlight. Cassie’s focus turned to the little silver plate above the pocket on the right side of his chest. It was engraved with ‘Dr. Mountgomery’.

“Look up here, Miss Stonem” the doctor said as a bright light hit Cassie’s eyes and her pupils dilated. The doctor took a step back and looked at Cassie. “How are you feeling miss Stonem? Should we clean up those bruises before Officer Joe asks you some questions” the doctor said, the last one not really being a question as he had already decided they were going to do it. Cassie did not quite understand why he called her Miss Stonem, and what bruises was he referring to. Cassie walked past the doctor to the full body mirror. She took one look at herself and her jaw dropped as she looked in the reflection. The girl standing in front of her had dirty blond hair and ice cold eyes. She had bruises all over her face. It had even turned to a shade of blue and purple because of all the bruises. Her body must have looked worse underneath the hospital gown. What had happened to the girl, who was she…


Dead of night, the creatures lurk in plain sight.
Silent screams, stolen soul, awake from the darkness.
Dreams are shattered, nightmares are gathered.
A hole in the world, the pathway we surround.
Entering the gates of hell, we’re welcomed to wonderland.
Promises are made, lies are spread.

The throne is empty, we are the lord.
We take our place, creating our world.
Starting from the depth of the earth, we burn the ground.
Flames flash in darkness, red and yellow.
Red is winning as the blood is spilling.
We collect the lives of enemies.

We stand our ground, we point our fingers.
We do all same, one must win, one must concur.
Never the same, we play different games.
We combine our rules, cheating as we go.
The goal is the same, the goal is to win.
The enemy is the same, the enemy is us.


She was walking down the school hall; it was the last day of sophomore year. Next term would be epic, she thought. She was always a cheery character if you looked from a distance. She was loved by many, the most beautiful girl in school – on the outside. She was a closed book with a beautifully breathtaking cover but a horrifying story. She doesn’t dare let anyone get close to her, she is too ashamed. She shuts off her conscious, she has no feelings, and she can’t love like others can. She walks into class, greets her fellow classmates, blinded by her beauty, they can’t see the sadness in her eyes. Just like any other day, she takes her seat and hides away the sorrow. As the class ends, all around her, she hears laughs and giggles, the sound of joy. She pictures herself ever being that happy; it takes her back to the time when her father was still around. The jokes, the smiles and the love, all the things she could never imagine having again. She made her way to the school bathroom as fast as she could, hoping to go unnoticed. She glanced around the empty stalls and chose the one farthest away. Her knees went weak and she lost balance, sliding down to the floor, as she let a few tears escape from the corner of her eyes. She rested her hands on the toilet seat, head hanging above, as her breakfast made its way up her throat. Her mother had made her pancakes that morning. She quite enjoyed the early mornings, it was the only time she was alone with her mother and little sister. Her mother’s new husband worked during those hours, and her mother worked during the nights, which meant she was left home alone with her little sister and stepfather. The thought of him made the processed food come up much easier, but the sour taste was still unbearable, and soon there was nothing left in her stomach but acid.

She cleaned herself up and made sure there were no traces left behind. She brushed on some make up and walked out of the bathroom, like nothing had happened. She threw a mint in her mouth as a familiar voice shouted her name from behind. She turned around to be greeted by one of her friends, giving her a big hug and smiling at her. They proceeded to talk as they walked into the assembly hall, the school’s headmaster were to give a big speech, like he did at the end of every school year. They spotted their friends and walked up to them, sitting in the front rows. They took a seat and sat through the whole assembly, giggling at the speech and talking about their summer plans. But all she could think about was her stepfather, and all the extra hours she had to spend at home with his presence. The headmaster said his final goodbye, and wished everyone a happy summer. Both students and teachers stood up and applauded, happy that it was over, but no one would admit it. A crowed had formed in front of the big doors leading out of the school, everyone was eager to get out, except the small group that was seated in the front rows. They stayed until it was completely empty. None of them were in a rush, and quite frankly, they all wanted to spend every last second of this day with each other, until they had to part ways for the rest of the summer. They all had their whole summers booked, returning from their trip as the other one left, leaving no chance for them to spend the summer with each other. The only one not traveling was the one longing to get away. She couldn’t spend another day in that house – with him. She stood up knowing it was time for them to leave, they said their goodbyes and walked their separate ways. She was headed home, walking across the long bridge; she looked over the edge, thinking of how simple it would be to just end it all there. She took a step back as the image of her little sister flashed before her. She knew she couldn’t do it this way, but she needed it to end, she knew what she had to do. She walked away from the bridge as her pace increased, she was nearly home, and she started to regret ever leaving the assembly hall. She put her key in the lock and opened the door; to her surprise the house seemed vacant, she looked around to make sure it was – she was relieved that he wasn’t home. She made herself a cup of tea and something to eat, since her stomach was still empty from this morning.

She took a final sip of the tea before she left the house to pick up her little sister at the preschool. It was a 20 minute walk and she knew she’d have a lot of time to spare, so she went in to the town and strolled around the shops. She’d been walking around for about an hour, when she decided to pick up her little sister a bit earlier than planned. Her little sister jumped into her embrace and kissed her cheek, she was always happy to see her. The two girls walked hand in hand along the road, they stopped in the park near their house. They bought ice creams, played on the swing and ran around in the park, happy, laughing and enjoying themselves; in that moment all their worries were gone.

The summer air was getting cold, and the sun starting to make its way down. They had been out for a couple of hours, and decided to head back home. They left the playground but their happiness stayed there. They opened the front door, and the older sister quickly took her little sister upstairs. The sun had gone down, and she put her little sister to sleep. She left the room when she thought she had fallen asleep. She closed the door behind her and went straight to her own room, she gently shut the door, hoping it wouldn’t make too much noise, but the house was old, and creaking sound was loud during the night when the rest of the house was silent. She knew what was going to happen, and she knew what she had to do about it. As she lay down in bed and turned her nightlight off, she kept praying that it wouldn’t have to be tonight. But as expected her prayers had not been answered.

That night as she was lying in bed – trying her best to pretend she was asleep – she heard the door creak, but only enough to let a small light in. He didn’t come in. Instead he had turned around and headed for her little sister’s room. She panicked and jumped out of her bed, pulling the door so hard it hit the wall when it opened. And when she took a leap out through the doorway, there he was, standing right in front of her. His lips forming an evil grin as his eyes pierced through hers. He had anticipated this and as much as she regretted getting out she knew he would’ve gone for her little sister. She took a step back as he moved forward. He grabbed her arms and pushed her back into her room, she tried to escape, but his grip was hard around her arms. Facing the bed, he pushed her down and tore off her shirt. Her body was a trip down memory lane, all the scars he had caused. There were still blue marks on her ribs from the night before. He leaned down and kissed her neck and she stopped resisting. Her eyes were filled with tears as the older man’s naked body laid on top of her; she tried to hold back the screams and the choking sound leaving her throat. He buried his face in her neck, losing focus as he reached his point of pleasure, his grip loosened around her hands, moans escaped his mouth. She reached out to the side, trying to make the movements go unnoticed. As she grabbed the nightlight, his head rose facing her, his eyes fixed on hers, just as he tilted his head to see the lamp, she hit him with full force on his left temple. His body collapsed on hers, and she tried to push him off with all the power she had left. His body rolled down on the floor, and she ran down to the kitchen. This was it, she couldn’t turn back now, she had to finish what she had started. She took a knife from the drawer and ran upstairs. She walked into her room, and to her surprise, all that was left was a puddle of blood on her carpet. The thought came to her as the fear hit her head, her little sister. Just as she turned around to walk out her bedroom door, a pair of big hands formed around her neck, pulling her back. The grip tightened as she fought for air. That’s when she realized she was holding a knife. She brought it up to his arms and drove it straight through his muscles. He jumped back in agony, freeing her neck. Panting for air she charged at him again, this time aiming for his neck. Her hand slipped and it went through his right shoulder, making him unable to move his right arm. But he was still coming towards her, so she did the only thing she could, run. She ran down the stairs and reached the kitchen at the right time and opened the drawer full of knifes. He was moving slowly down the stairs and as he came through the kitchen door, a knife flew right past his face, missing him by inches. He followed the knife with his eyes as it landed on the wall right behind him. When he turned his head around to face the source of the knife, he was surprised by yet another knife flying in his direction. It hit him right in the throat, making him collapse to the ground, as a red puddle started to form beneath him on the kitchen tile. She stared at the body with resentment and shook her head in disbelief. She then gasped and relaxed her face, as the relief took over. With heavy steps she walked up the stairs, and opened the door to her little sister’s room, who was sitting on the bed curled up in the cheats. The little girl looked up, her eyes swollen and red. She jumped out of the bed and ran into her sister’s embrace. They both let the tears stream freely, they faced each other and exchanged a simple smile.

After a few minutes both of the girls released the embrace and headed down stairs to put their jackets and shoes on. The older sister making sure her little sister would never have to experience what she had, took her little sister out of the house before she could see what had happened in the kitchen. Both girls walked the all too familiar road to the park; the sun was rising up from its hiding, the bluebirds singing their song as it traveled along with the cold summer breeze. The streets were empty, the people still in their beds, unaware of what tomorrow would hold, sleeping heavily, in the wish for something better. The two girls reached the park and ran hand in hand to the swings, where they spent the whole morning. The older one looked at the smaller one and a smile formed on her lips, her little sister smiled back and when they looked into each other’s eyes, happiness was all they could see.

NOTE: I originally wrote this in Swedish with less than 200 words. And I wrote it around October 2009. I didn’t put any names in, mainly because I just didn’t want to, but also because I didn’t have one that fitted perfectly. And the original story line was to write small outtakes of teenagers life. Titled as “Teenagers worst problems”, and I wrote 9 of them( I didn’t have a separate title, and the one I’m using now isn’t the best but it’ll have to do) So basically I just reused and developed the first parts story line and wrote it in English. Hope you like this short story.